A Unique Take on an Epic Honeymoon

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When the rings have been exchanged and the band is getting through its last encore of “Shout”, the last thing you need to worry about is your honeymoon.  Weddings are becoming more imaginative and lavish every day, and honeymoons are quickly following suit, with more and more destinations becoming incredible spots to relax in romance and forget the rest of the world.  Well, until you come back home anyway.  Here are some of the top spots on earth that offer all inclusive honeymoon packages.



Pepe le Peu may have been onto something.  France is so inherently romantic that you would think it would have become cliche to honeymoon there.  Far from it.  With breathtaking architecture that includes an Eiffel Tower that lights up by nightfall, and miles and miles (and miles) of beautiful artwork to peruse at the Louvre, Paris still dominates as one of the most romantic places on the planet.

Not one for city lights?  Shoot for a beach trip to the beautiful shores of Normandy, explore a winery, or simply walk the quiet streets of a provincial town like Nice.  It’s so perfect for lovers that it became the birthplace of the world’s most hopelessly romantic cartoon skunk.  Now, if only he had showered more, he might have been able to attract a few more ladies.

Costa Rica

honeymoon packages


Not one to settle for standard romantic fare?  Costa Rica is a perfect spot for an adventurous Mister and Misses.  Greenery is as far as the eye can see, and its bodies of water are warm enough to house 5 percent of the world’s plant and animal species (for those of you not into biology, this is huge!)  What does it mean for a possible honeymoon?  Lush landscapes that are gorgeous enough to stick on a postcard.

But Costa Rica is not just for admiring.  It also houses a whole world of adventurous fun.  Couples can explore rainforests and make friends with sloths, monkeys, and other creatures.  Those more inclined to surf can also hang a righteous ten on the waves here.  You and your newly betrothed can also get away from it all by kayaking through a mangrove forest, or making your way to the Nauyaca Waterfall for a breathtaking place to cool off.  It may not be for the faint of heart, but Costa Rica promises a vacation you will never forget.


Jamaican me crazy?  Hardly!  There’s a reason this spot is continually in the top ten dream spot list for future honeymooners all over the world.  For starters, the water is so perfectly blue it has become iconic.  For those of us less inclined to sit and whittle away the hours on a beach, Jamaica does not shy away from its share of adventurous stunts.

Ever steered a bamboo raft?  Hiked up a waterfall?  What about taking a swim with some dolphins?  With a honeymoon in Jamaica, the adventures go way beyond something you might scratch off a Bucket List (although you might wonder why some of these hadn’t been on yours in the first place).  Worried about the language barrier?  Worry not.  Jamaica’s official language is English, so you can lose yourself in its beauty, without getting lost in translation.

Just because the honeymoon is an age old tradition does not mean yours should be stale.  Taking a walk on the wild side with anyone of these trips will give you a relaxing vacation that is unlike anyone else’s.  Best of all, after adventuring at one of these spots, you will have stories to tell each other as long as you both shall live.