How to Vacation in Hawaii Like a Native

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Aloha hoi! Few things in life are better at hoisting oneself out of a 9-to-5 rut than a trip to the islands of Hawaii. And with beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and a mellow mindset from every local, it is easy to see why. It can, however, be a bit stressful trying to figure out what exactly to see and do while visiting the islands, without cramming your itinerary so tight that you can’t relax and enjoy. But fear not! With this all-inclusive Hawaii survival guide, we have done the hard part for you.

Attraction 1: The Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island

Located on the southeast tip of a place known as the Big Island, Kilauea ranks as one of the world’s most active volcanoes.  Yikes!  Its last eruption began in January of 1983, and it is still flowing from it even today. But don’t let a little lava keep you from having a good time.  Kilauea is a great tourist spot for hiking.  You can dive through beautiful rainforests and witness vents spewing steam and creating new Earth.  This is an amazing spot indeed.

Attraction 2: Watching the Whales

In the winter, humpback whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Alaska to frolic and mate in Hawaii’s shallow, warmer waters.  And when humpback whales are partying, they tend to like to breach, or leap out of the water.  For the lucky vacationer, this means there is an opportunity to catch a spectacular site: a humpback whale launching itself into the air!

Attraction 3: Snorkelling

It surprises no one that snorkelling is a popular activity in Hawaii.  With all the water and wildlife, any vacationer should jump at the chance to get an eyeful of the life aquatic.  But the single best spot to go for this activity is the island of Molokini.  Why?  Because it has the clearest water in the entire state, and is full to the brim with gorgeous fish.  The island is located several miles from the south shore of Maui, and can only be accessed by boat.  On a good day, you can even see them 200 feet below the surface!

Attraction 4: Go the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Grand Canyon of the Pacific


When you’ve been named by Mark Twain, you simply can’t go wrong.  At one mile wide, ten miles long, and almost 3,600 feet deep, Waimea Canyon completely takes over the western part of Kauai’s inland area.  It is also simply splendid to behold, with beautiful coloring on the inner walls, and roadside lookout views that peer straight into a canyon, and drop jaws from all over the world.

Attraction 5: Golf

Cynics out there might think golf is not much of an adventure sport.  One might think you can get the same experience here as at your local country club.  And that is just plain wrong.  Hawaii’s stunning landscapes and incredibly green fairways make for a relaxing game that never lets you forget you are on vacation.  Which, of course, is always a nice notion to remember.

Last But Not Least, Let’s Luau!

It is a classic mainstay of Hawaiian culture, but even though it’s been around forever, it is still exciting to watch.  Not only is an authentic Polynesian luau a treat for the eyes, it is a total sensory experience, from taste to sound to smell.  This is simply an experience you will never forget.

Hawaii is a hot spot for vacationers, but with these ideas for attractions, you can out-adventure the rest, and get the true island experience.  After running the gamut of these adventures, you might find yourself getting mistaken for a native.