Holidays Don’t Have To Be Expensive – Book An All-Inclusive Vacation

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Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, but few are able to spend the outrageous amounts needed in order to stay in luxurious resorts on the beach while being treated like royalty. Well, for those who need to vacation on a budget, there are great ways to get all the celebrity treatment at a fraction of what celebrities pay – cheap, all-inclusive vacation packages. All-inclusive vacation deals are extremely popular because they allow guests to eat, drink and be merry while indulging in the resort’s facilities without paying extraordinary fees. So, if you’ve unfamiliar with the many advantages offered by cheap, all-inclusive vacation packages, then keep reading to see what you’ve been missing.


What all the fuss is about

All-inclusive resorts charge a minimum amount per person or per couple for guests to enjoy the majority of the facility’s amenities and features. Generally, all-inclusive deals include meals, beverages, alcoholic drinks, lodging, gratuities, entertainment and sports activities for one fee. Premium packages may require additional fees to use specific areas or to stay in nicer accommodations, and most resorts have several levels of packages at varying prices.

Many resorts are built around a theme or idea in hopes to bring in a niche of travelers. For example, some resorts book only couples, while others have adult-only and family segregated areas to accommodate any kind of vacationer. Golfing resorts mirror large country clubs for a modern and minimalistic environment, while more exotic resorts rely on scuba diving, fishing and lazing on the beach as a main source of entertainment.

Why you should choose an all-inclusive vacation package

Whether it’s a resort or an all-inclusive cruise, these types of vacations are affordable without skimping on the fun. You don’t have to pack non-perishables to be able to eat while on vacation because meals are included in the price. There’s little worry of how you’ll travel while on vacation because many places provide transportation, even to-and-from the airport. And some travelers like the idea of vacationing without constantly clutching their wallets in fear of someone pick-pocketing them. Instead, wallets can be kept securely in the room safe while you swim, dance, scuba, golf, hike or volley. And rather than spend a pretty penny on each activity, you’re free to spend your money on souvenirs and enjoying the area’s culture.


Where to look for cheap deals

There are plenty of cheap, all-inclusive vacation packages available online. If you know the destination, a quick Internet search will help you narrow down your resort or cruise liner by price and amenities. If the destination is less important and you simply want to get away at the lowest price possible, then online travel sites can  help you narrow your search by price. Cruises and resorts to well-known tourist areas may see more passengers or travelers than the remote spots, but they generally have to compete with several other resorts and cruise lines, so the prices are often less. And there are many resorts that are located within tourist hot spots but that are still relatively secluded, using the area’s natural environment to surround the resort, creating a mini paradise.

The most important part of booking cheap, all-inclusive vacation packages is to make sure the activities or facilities that you will use the most are included in the deal. If you’re traveling with your family for a scuba experience, find a package that includes free scuba lessons and at least one diving outing. Perhaps you’re leaving the kids with a relative for a couple’s getaway? Private villas, rooms with balconies and quiet restaurants may be the way to go, so don’t settle for free dancing and aerobics if concierge service and private dining are what you desire.