Getting Your Kicks in Cancun

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When we are on vacation, we usually want to forget, if at all possible, that we are just a normal person.  Instead, we either want to transform into superheroes, scaling ziplines and snorkeling with the greatest of ease, or we want to turn into Buddha, finding serenity and enlightenment in just simply sitting on a beach.  In Cancun, you don’t have to be Buddha or the Man of Steel to get their kind of treatment.  Here are some of the most exciting and relaxing things to do while staying at one of the many Cancun all inclusive resorts.

Sleep with the (Pseudo) Fishies

That might be a creepy Godfather reference, but if you replace the word fishies with dolphins, you have the quintessential Cancun tourist attraction.  Dolphins are friendly and wickedly intelligent, and on Isla Mujeres, you can have the chance to spend some up close, face to face time with them.  One hour sessions are available for dolphin bonding, and several parks also include full on water parks along with their dolphins.

Pay Homage to the Mayans

Cancun all-inclusive resorts


In Cancun, it seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Mayan ruin.  One of the most popular spots to see these sights is in southern Cancun, and is surrounded by a Hilton hotel and golf course.  Ruinas del Rey are the remains of a small fishing village, and they include bits and pieces of many small temples.  For a history buff, this stuff is seriously cool.

Want something bigger?  More impressive ruins can be found in villages like Tulum (with its breathtaking structures Temple of the Wind and the Castle), Chichen Itzaj (especially the pyramid Kulkulkan), or Cobaj.  Plan ahead though.  These trips usually take at least a day, sometimes even two.  And they are well worth it.

Xcaret?  What’s That You Say?

Often accompanied with the tagline “eco-archaeological theme park”, Xcaret is a hotbed of the most beautiful wildlife Cancun has to offer.  Besides being full to overflowing with flora and fauna (complete with an aviary for wild birds and a nursery for sea turtles), it is also a great place to learn more about the Mayan culture.  The most beautiful creatures in Cancun, and a lesson on one of the most mysterious cultures of all time?  Don’t mind if we do.


For any traveller who is steely stomached, a bullfight is a thrilling way to experience a truly organic aspect of Cancun’s culture.  Channel your inner Ernest Hemingway by downing some grappa and attending this spectacle.  Guts and blood notwithstanding, the splendor before the fight is its own breathtaking sight.  Local musicians and dancers perform with vibrantly colorful costumes and music that is impossible not to dance to.

Then of course, the fighting starts.  In Cancun, no detail is left untouched in this medium of entertainment.  The culture firmly believes in one matador entering the ring on foot, along with his assistants (known as picadors) on horseback.  Once the men and the bull enter the ring, the show takes off, and is truly a sight.  Whether or not you are a pacifist, you can’t deny the overwhelming popularity of this sport.  Not only for its raw energy, but for its capacity to see and be seen.  Anyone looking for a vacation less ordinary should certainly look into attending one of these.

A visit to Cancun doesn’t have to be all about lounging in the sun (although it is certainly a perfect place to do that).  With a flair for adventure, you can make this trip into a daring epic you will remember for years to come.